Dish is now selling the 2017 MLB Extra Innings plan for $165, the same price it offered for the 2016 package of out-of-market games.

DIRECTV recently announced that it has priced the Extra Innings package at $172.74, which is $1.20 off its 2016 price. But Dish is undercutting the DIRECTV price by more than $7.

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(Comcast and DIRECTV are required by a legal settlement to a lawsuit brought by fans to offer the plan for 12.5 percent less than the regular price, which is roughly $197; Comcast, which last year offered the plan for $165, has yet to reveal its 2017 price.)

DIRECTV and Dish say they will offer up to 100 out-of-market games each week during the regular season as part of the package.

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As they did in 2015 and 2016, DIRECTV and Dish are including a free subscription to MLB.TV with the Extra Innings package. MLB.TV, which starts at $112.99 this season, allows subscribers to watch the games over the Internet on connected devices.

You can order MLB Extra Innings through Dish for four payments of $41.25 or the one payment of $165.

— Phillip Swann