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Amazon Closes the ‘Amazon Cable Store’

The Amazon Cable Store has closed its doors, just one year after it opened them.

In March 2016, Amazon created a page called the ‘Amazon Cable Store,’ which offered a variety of Comcast products including Internet service, Internet and TV bundles, and Triple Play offers (Net, Phone and TV).

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This was the first time that the etailer had offered services from a pay TV provider, and industry executives seemed excited about the prospect of selling their wares to the scores of millions who shop at Amazon every day. Charter CEO Tom Rutledge publicly said he was interested in being part of the virtual cable store.

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Later in the year, Amazon added Frontier’s Internet service to the Amazon Cable Store, but never added Charter or any other cable or satellite provider.

And now the page where the store resided is gone. An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed today that the store has been shut down.

Asked why, she told this reporter that “Amazon is constantly testing and launching new offerings to innovate on behalf of customers.”

— Phillip Swann

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