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Charter to Drop Chiller Channel

Charter has notified subscribers that it will drop both the Chiller channel and Esquire Network on April 25. Both channels are owned by NBC.

The decision to drop Esquire is no surprise; NBC has already announced that it plans to close Esquire later this year and relaunch the channel as an online service only.

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But the loss of carriage on Charter, the nation’s third largest pay TV service, could make NBC re-evaluate Chiller’s future as well. Dish, the fourth largest pay TV service, dropped the horror-theme channel earlier this month. (Combined, Dish and Charter have roughly 30 million subscribers.)

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Comcast, which owns NBC, also does not carry Chiller. However, DIRECTV and AT&T, which combined make up the nation’s largest pay TV service, does carry Chiller.

NBC decided earlier this year to eliminate the Cloo channel in large part to a loss of carriage on major pay TV services.

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Caley Gray, a NBC spokesperson, said today that NBC has no plans to close Chiller.

— Phillip Swann

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3 Comments on Charter to Drop Chiller Channel

  1. rebrand it scifi 2.


  2. Another niche’ channel gone. Once SyFy rebranded their lineup to 50% Reality-based television programming, I watched Chiller more than SyFy and some other channels combined.


  3. Roger zavoda // March 5, 2017 at 12:00 am // Reply

    Don’t cut Chiller I watch it all the time


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