Charter to Drop Chiller Channel


Charter has notified subscribers that it will drop both the Chiller channel and Esquire Network on April 25. Both channels are owned by NBC.

The decision to drop Esquire is no surprise; NBC has already announced that it plans to close Esquire later this year and relaunch the channel as an online service only.

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But the loss of carriage on Charter, the nation’s third largest pay TV service, could make NBC re-evaluate Chiller’s future as well. Dish, the fourth largest pay TV service, dropped the horror-theme channel earlier this month. (Combined, Dish and Charter have roughly 30 million subscribers.)

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Comcast, which owns NBC, also does not carry Chiller. However, DIRECTV and AT&T, which combined make up the nation’s largest pay TV service, does carry Chiller.

NBC decided earlier this year to eliminate the Cloo channel in large part to a loss of carriage on major pay TV services.

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Caley Gray, a NBC spokesperson, said today that NBC has no plans to close Chiller.

— Phillip Swann

48 comments on “Charter to Drop Chiller Channel”

    1. Please don’t drop chiller. I watch it every night. I love to watch “scary movies” and its the only one that shows 1/2 way descent ones !!!!!! Drop one of the stupid channels you show !!

  1. Another niche’ channel gone. Once SyFy rebranded their lineup to 50% Reality-based television programming, I watched Chiller more than SyFy and some other channels combined.

    1. I thinking about finding a company that has chiller I just changes to spectrum three weeks ago. If I had known they were dropping chiller I wouldn’t had changes. They should have told me they were dropping chiller.

  2. This really bothers me. I love watching chiller especially binging on the weekends watching movies. It was one of the reasons I decided to pay more for television programming. May have to re-evaluate my cable tv plan.

    1. they gave warning 30 days in advanced its located in the news section on your bill, but we know no one looks at that

    1. it is not the most watched channel that’s why chiller has gone off the air for good, its not going to come back, and you can thank the channel provider for that, charter has nothing to do with it, but everyone is quick to blame them when they don’t even understand how cable company’s work

  3. I’m upset the channel was removed and want to place my complaint… Plus no warning about it. Thomas Lovins

  4. This is the true meaning of capitalism if a program/channel shows any slight drop of ratings which equate to money, corporations will drop it in a blink of eye with no slight regard least of all loyalty to their paying customers. While the CEO’s and CFO’s give themselves big fat bonuses for saving their corporations millions of dollars all on your discontent.

  5. BRING CHILLER BACK ! This is ridiculous! Since our cable company was bought out, we have lost channels, the internet goes out all the time, and our monthly bill has increased for LESS services!

  6. This is so unfair! Chiller is one of many channels charter is being stupid over. Boooooooo charter. May have to get me an Amazon Stix.

  7. At this time of tremendous competition among cable providers why would you take away stations and reduce service? Join me in looking for alternative providers that might be more responsive to customer demands and appreciate their customers.

    While the Chiller station is not necessarily my cup of tea I believe that if this channel brings pleasure to any group of customers it should still be on the air.

  8. I just got off the phone with customer service of Chartter. The tech said that the Chiller station has gone out of business. He said that Charter had no input into the decision to remove these stations.

  9. Don’t drop the Chiller Channel, its our favorite channel, mine and my daughters. Its been a hard week since we are not able to watch this, please bring it back. Cable is not the same with out it, we need the Chiller Channel back.

  10. chiller is no longer in business you can switch providers but there still wont be a chiller channel, they dropped it completely due to not enough viewers watching it, so clearly it wasn’t that popular

    1. It’s a bunch of bull. NBC Universal has no plans to dump Chiller. How can Spectrum be so stupid as to tell everyone this!! Anyone can find this out on the internet. DUMP spectrum!! They even changed the way the remote control works. NOT good!

  11. spectrum sucks !!! ever since they took over everything has gone down hill …loosing chn.s..moving chn.s so you never see whats on…one more ch goes …then so do i !!!

    1. I spoke to a Spectrum rep this morning, and this has nothing to do Spectrum at all; and since Spectrum has taken over TWC, my bill has actually DECREASED by $5.00, and while that doesn’t seem to be much, it is the mere fact that my bill decreased that says a lot to me about where Spectrum may be heading in the future.

  12. Wow, all the comments I am reading here in support of Chiller not being killed, but where were you when the ratings were slumping to the point that the channel owner decided to kill it? And, as someone else had pointed out, people are quick to blame their channel provider, ie Spectrum in my case, but what people don’t seem to want to accept is this has nothing to do with whether or not the channel providers want to, or don’t want to carry the network in their programming – this was entirely a channel owner thing, and has nothing to do with the channel providers.

  13. That is incorrect if it was an owner thing and not provider then you wouldn’t see it on AT&T and Direct TV
    Charter dropped the service

  14. I was pissed also that Chiller was dropped. I upgraded my service because of the Chiller channel and not even a month after I upgraded, the channel was gone. Thank goodness that I didn’t drop DirecTV altogether, I may drop Spectrum since I have had nothing but problems since I switched to them anyway.

  15. Yes, Spectrum is nothing but problems despite the new name and their campaign to improve their public image, it’s still the same old old old TWC on the inside…

    Besides Chiller and the other channels mentioned here they also dropped Fearnet a couple years ago!

  16. TWC always sucked. So it’s been replaced with Spectrum, which sucks even more. no more Chiller, no more Reelz, my TCM went blank and won’t be fixed for three days, if at all. Time to check out Direct TV.

  17. I have been calling Charter about dropping the Chiller TV…my fave channel, and was told that Chiller pulled from Charter. After reading this article, I called back and then was told Chiller could not provide to anything but satellite companies; AT&T Direct TV. I am not understanding what is going on!!! How do I get Chiller TV? Do I need to change companies?

  18. checked my channels out yesterday and find my Chiller channel gone. Called my cable, phone and internet company and was told it was taken off. will no longer be available. is there any other cable company that still carries the Chiller Channel? may be time to do the switch. I now have Centurylink

  19. As others have written. We Love watching Chiller Channel. Why is NBC dropping this channel. Has to be they are not getting enough revenue or advertisement sales. Everything comes back to MONEY. Since NBC Is the parent company. I refuse to watch ANYTHING on NBC. I have many, many friends that will follow me and their friends down the line will do the same. You are not gaining but loosing NBC.

  20. Yes, it’s official, Chiller has been permanently put in the dark. Went out yesterday right in the middle of a movie, how sad, you really have to be a horror fan to understand. This whole thing sucks.

  21. this sucks. first you get rid of fearnet which was the scary channel ever, now chiller. scifi really does suck.

  22. I researched and spoke to DirectTV and it’s NBC who is discontinuing Chiller and not the TV Carriers!!! As of January 1st DirectTV lost Chiller Channel?? It saddens me as I enjoyed watching their scary movies!! I know it wasn’t because of lack of audience! I guess NBC Network who owns the Chiller channel doesn’t want to Broadcast it anymore??? As a tv subscriber losing Chiller was a bad decision on NBC’s part!! I think these independent companies should reconsider and take a Survey on Channels and consider their viewers point of view!!! Companies like NBC act like their losing money so they cancel Channels!! This shows me there’s NO MORE CUSTOMER SERVICE for their viewer’s!!!
    NBC should reconsider and Bring back CHILLER CHANNEL!!! And I know I’m not alone with my views!!!

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