Updated: DIRECTV Now Suffering Another ‘Guide Outage’


DIRECTV Now this morning is still undergoing an on-screen guide “outage,” leaving some subscribers uncertain how, or unable to, watch specific channels.

The technical problem began yesterday and is continuing this morning at 5:11 a.m. ET. The guide, which many subscribers use to tune to specific channels, is blank for a few dozen networks.

UPDATE at 1:37 pm ET on Monday:

AT&T has yet to respond to our inquiry regarding whether it has resolved this issue.

Update #2: @DIRECTVNowHelp , the service’s Twitter customer service team, said early Tuesday morning that the problem is continuing.

Update #3: AT&T said Wednesday that it would have no further comment on the issue. However, it appears the problem has been resolved.

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“DIRECTV NOW is experiencing a guide outage and we’re currently working on a solution. We apologize,” @DIRECTVNowHelp, the service’s Twitter customer service team, told one complaining customer this morning.

@DIRECTVNowHelp tweeted that subscribers to the live streaming service could still watch a missing guide channel if they selected it from the Home Page and then scrolled from left to the right. Another DIRECTV Now tweet suggested looking for the channel in the Search feature and then clicking on it when it came up.

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However, many subscribers seemed unaware of these features and posted angry comments on social media sites.

“WTF,” tweeted @crosseyedmary at 9:17 p.m. ET last night during a new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. The subscriber posted a picture of her missing guide information, which you can see here.

“why can’t I view certain channels? AMC doesn’t show any info and won’t let me watch,” tweeted Scott De Jong at 9:58 p.m. ET last night.

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DIRECTV Now suffered a similar guide outage a week ago, which also left subscribers uncertain how or unable to watch channels. The streaming service has also been riddled with numerous other technical problems since its launch on November 30.

Here is a picture of the DIRECTV Now on-screen guide from last night, as posted by @spencerdan on Twitter. The subscriber tweeted: “This happens way too often. Menu won’t load. What’s the fix?”

— Phillip Swann

6 comments on “Updated: DIRECTV Now Suffering Another ‘Guide Outage’”

  1. They truly do not seem to care and their technical support is worse than Magic Jack! I’m not sure what country they’re in but they do not have a clue how to escalate a problem quickly instead they just refer you to generic Fix-It links and respond with colloquialisms such as Yikes! And oh no!

    If their CEO with John legere instead of the ineffective Randall Stephenson I’m sure the product would come across without a hitch but that isn’t the case they’re treating it as though they were still a monopoly and could care less.

  2. Where did the Yes Network go. I hope it wasn’t removed by DTV Now or is it a glitch. I am a NYC resident and would like to receive my local sports channels at home and on my phone. This service is ridiculous. I got one more month to go before i terminate. Or unless DTVNow provides an extra month or 2 of service for free. Until their services are fix properly.

    Hey Phil, can you help and get more info on this matter. Their customer service reps don’t have a glue about their services or this matter. Thanks

  3. Just bought a couple Amazon fires, can’t watch TV…THANKS. I hated the over priced and redundant Comcrap, but at least they had something to watch….I think the Fire sticks and controls are getting returned tomorrow….

  4. DirecTV has multiple issues. The line up page needs a lot of code work as the interface selects items not wanted nor movies not ordered. We finally had to drop DirecTV and move on to better technology and functionality.

  5. <<<>>

    After having the service for a month, this is how I learned as the best way to “change channels” using my AppleTV. The guide is cumbersome and the AppleTV remote is hyper-sensitive. I tried creating a FAVORITE listing, but the remote sensitivity makes it only marginally helpful.

    Since there are no channel numbers, I just search using the first few letters of each channel. The system conveniently lists my recent searches, so all I need to do is launch the SEARCH screen and a couple of clicks take me instantly to the channel I want to watch. Since I only watch about 10 channels, this method works great.

    Now if only they would re-instate the 72 hour flashback and actually include local regional sports networks…..

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