Sling TV has introduced a new plan that will allow subscribers to expand their channel lineups for half the price.

The ‘4 Extras Deal’ will give customers access to four different add-on plans: Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra for just $10 extra per month, compared to the previous price of $20 a month.

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Sling TV, a live TV streaming service, offers two basic tier packages — Orange, which starts at $20-a-month and includes ESPN and roughly 30 cable networks; and Blue, which starts at $25-a-month, and includes more than 40 channels including live network feeds in select markets as well as several Fox channels.

With the four ‘extra’ plans, Sling says Orange subscribers can now get 70 channels for $30 a month while Blue subscribers can get 80 channels for $35 a month. If you subscribe to both Orange and Blue, you can get 90 channels for $50 a month.

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Sling TV says at its corporate blog that the offer is designed to attract consumers who are looking for more channels from an Internet TV service after dropping their cable or satellite service. In the early stage of live streaming, Sling says, most people were content with a smaller lineup for less money per month.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve…seen our customers become more diverse in what they want from their TV,” Sling TV states.

— Phillip Swann