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DIRECTV Holds Free Preview of 9 HD Channels

DIRECTV is now holding a free preview of nine High-Definition channels, including several movie networks.

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The preview, which began yesterday, will run until March 1.

The channels in the free preview make up the ‘DIRECTV HD Extra Pack,’ which normally costs $4.99 a month, although the satcaster will sometimes¬† offer them for free for three months if asked.

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The Extra Pack channels are: HDNet Movies, Sony Movie Channel, Shorts HD, MGM, Hallmark Movie Channel, Crime & Investigation HD, Palladia HD, Smithsonian HD and Universal HD. (pictured: There Will Be Blood, which plays tonight on HDNet Movies.)

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DIRECTV’s occasional free previews — and three month free offers — would suggest the satcaster is having trouble getting subscribers to sign up for the special HD package. While the Extra Pack includes some interesting channels, there is not a standout to lure subscribers on a regular basis.

— Phillip Swann

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