If you asked someone which TVs sell best, you would probably get such answers as Vizio, Samsung, Sony or LG. And while those big brands continue to top many best-selling TV lists, a relatively little-known TV manufacturer named TCL is blowing everyone away at Amazon.com.

TCL, a Chinese company which sold more than 20 million sets worldwide last year, today holds the top three spots on Amazon’s best-selling TVs list.

The sets are a TCL 32-inch TV with Roku inside ($169); a 40-inch TV with Roku inside ($269); and a 50-inch TV with Roku ($379).

You may think that today is an unusual one for TCL to top the Amazon charts, but the manufacturer normally holds the top one or two spots on the list thanks to its lineup of budget TVs.

Amazon’s Echo with Alexa: $179.

That’s a likely sign that many online shoppers are more inclined to buy an inexpensive set, as opposed to retail shoppers who might be more receptive to buying a larger-screen (and more expensive) TV from a name brand.

Element, another little-known brand, holds Amazon’s fourth best-selling TV spot with a 40-inch set that’s now going for just $175, although it’s a certified refurbished model.

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— Phillip Swann