Dish announced tonight that it has signed a new carriage agreement with Bonten Media, ending a 25-day blackout.

Bonten’s 12 network affiliates had been off Dish since January 17 when the old carriage pact expired.

The companies were fighting over how much Dish should pay to carry Bonten’s stations.

Dish did not disclose the terms of the new agreement.

The stations that have been blacked out on Dish include: WCTB-TV, the NBC affiliate in the Tri-Cities market of Tennessee and Virginia; WEMT-TV, the Fox affiliate in the same Tri-Cities market; WCTI-TV, the ABC affiliate in Greenville, North Carolina; WFXI-TV and WTDO-TV, the Fox affiliates in Greenville and New Bern, North Carolina; and KTXS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Abilene, Texas.

— Phillip Swann