AT&T says DIRECTV Now had more than 200,000 paying customers at the end of December, one month after its debut.

However, due to the live streaming service’s recurring technical issues, it’s possible a significant number of them have canceled by now. DIRECTV Now users have blasted the service on message forums and social media sites, and given it low ratings at the Apple iTunes store.

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AT&T is not blissfully unaware that DIRECTV Now has a perception problem, as well as a technical one. In an e-mail sent this week to former DIRECTV Now customers, the telco asks them to give the service another try, saying, “our second impression will be twice as nice.”

“Live Streaming. Take Two,” the e-mail continues. “Take a second look at TV that lets you stream like a dream.”

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While DIRECTV Now users continue to complain loudly on social media, it’s this reporter’s observation that the technical hiccups have become less frequent than they were in December and most of January. (Relatively speaking, of course.)

Perhaps AT&T feels it’s a wise time to re-pitch customers who bolted earlier due to an inability to log on or watch a single show without buffering, picture freezing or a dark screen accompanied by the display of an obscure error code.

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To sweeten the pot, DIRECTV Now’s e-mail says that if you subscribe now, you can get the Starz channel for $8 a month, which is $1 cheaper than what Starz normally charges for its online edition.

— Phillip Swann