Comcast has finally secured the rights from Fox to stream live MLB, NBA and NHL games in-market that are carried by Fox’s regional sports channels, a Comcast spokeswoman tells The TV Answer Man.

The cable op’s video customers will be able to stream the games at the Fox Sports web site, and the Fox Sports Go app.

Subscribers will only be able to watch the professional games in-market. For instance,a Comcast subscriber in Detroit could stream the Detroit Red Wings on Fox Sports Detroit, but not the St. Louis Blues on Fox Sports Midwest.

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Lisa Scalzo, the Comcast spokeswoman, tells me that Comcast will add the Fox streaming feature sometime in mid-February, but she did not give a specific date.

To stream the games on the Fox sports channels, a Comcast subscriber will need to include those channels in his or her video package.

(Note: Comcast customers have been able to stream the Fox national sports telecasts prior to this change, but not the regional action.)

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Comcast subscribers have long complained about the cable operator’s inability to offer games on the Fox regional sports channels via streaming. Other major TV providers such as DIRECTV, Dish and Charter offer in-market streaming of Fox sports channels to their customers.

The omission became more noticeable last year when Fox struck a deal with Major League Baseball to stream MLB games carried on their RSNs in-market, starting with the 2016 season. Comcast subscribers could not stream those games, however, because the cable operator did not have the rights.

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Comcast’s NBC regional sports channels this month announced that they will stream MLB games in-market this season, joining Fox.

— Phillip Swann