24/7 Wall St, a financial web site, has named Comcast, Charter and Dish Network to its annual list of ‘The Most Hated Companies in America.’

The online pub says the ratings are based on a number of factors, including the American Customer Satisfaction Index, employee reviews on Glassdoor, and the site’s own survey of consumers.

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24/7 Wall St says the collective data shows that some companies are more hated — much more hated — by their customers and employees than their rivals.

Comcast, the nation’s biggest cable TV operator, heads the list with 24/7 Wall St writing that it annually receives consumer satisfaction scores “significantly worse” than the industry average. In its own consumer survey, the site says 55 percent of respondents reported having a negative experience with the cable op.

Dish Network, the nation’s second largest satellite TV service, ranked number eight on the list. 24/7 Wall writes that its survey shows that 47 percent of consumers report a negative experience with the satcaster.

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But the site notes that Dish also has a reputation as being a tough place to work. (Bloomberg once called it, ‘The Meanest Company in America,’ while also writing it’s a highly effective one.)

“Few companies are disliked by their employees as much as Dish,” 24/7 Wall  writes, adding that a Glassdoor survey shows that only 38 percent of company employees would recommend a job at Dish to a friend.

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Charter, which last year merged with Time Warner Cable to create the nation’s second largest cable company, ranked 12th on the list. 24/7 writes that Charter has “one of the poorest reputations for customer service in the subscription television service industry.”

Bank of America, McDonald’s and Walmart are also the ‘most hated’ list. To see the complete list, click here.

But before you draw too many conclusions, it’s just one site’s conclusions. (Although it’s based partially on previously published data from other sources that tend to reach similar conclusions.)

Comcast, by example, has been aggressive in the last few years in trying to resolve its historic customer service problems. However, a decade or two of poor service is not easy to erase overnight, which helps explain why Comcast continues to show up on lists like this.

24/7 Wall St also did not obtain responses from the companies included on the ‘most hated’ list.

— Phillip Swann