Comcast posted the fastest average speed of all major Internet Service Providers in December, according to Netflix, which publishes monthly speed rankings of both small and large ISPs.

The cable operator’s rise to the top comes a few months after it announced a partnership with Netflix to offer the streaming service’s app on its X1 set-tops. Still, the number one ranking is good news for Comcast, which ranked just fourth on the list in November.

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Netflix says Comcast’s Internet service averaged 3.84 Mbps in speed in December.

Verizon, which frequently topped the Netflix rankings in 2016, finished second among major providers in December, averaging 3.81 Mbps.

Optimum was third with an average of 3.80 while Bright House, which tied Verizon for first in November, finished fourth with an average of 3.78.

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Cox was fifth with 3.73 while Charter was sixth with 3.67.

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— Phillip Swann