DIRECTV on Thursday night lost 18 local TV stations in seven states due to a fee fight with their owner, News-Press & Gazette.

News-Press & Gazette said at its web site Thursday night that the stations are no longer on DIRECTV.

The companies earlier in the week agreed to two 24-hour extensions in the old pact but apparently failed to reach a new deal tonight.

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DIRECTV has not commented on the blackout yet but previously said News-Press was asking for too much in carriage fees.

“We want to keep (the stations) in your lineup, but the owner, News-Press & Gazette, is threatening to block (them) from reaching your home unless they receive a significant increase in fees,” the DIRECTV statement reads.

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The stations affected in this dispute are located in such mid-sized markets as Palm Springs, California; Bend, Oregon, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Colorado Springs, Colorado; El Paso, Texas; Santa Barbara, California; Columbia, Missouri and Yuma, Arizona. To see a complete list of the stations that could be affected, click here.

— Phillip Swann