DIRECTV Now Extends $35 Offer

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DIRECTV Now, the new streaming service from the nation’s top satcaster, has extended its introductory offer of $35 a month for 100 channels by one day.

The offer, which was made available when the service launched, was scheduled to end yesterday. However, the web site now says the offer will end today instead.

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There was no reason given for the one-day extension.

After today, the 100-channel plan, called ‘Go Big,’ will cost $60 a month. DIRECTV Now will still have a $35 a month package, but it will only include roughly 60 channels.

DIRECTV Now, which AT&T hopes will one day become its primary video service, has been plagued with errors and false blackouts of professional sporting events. In addition, the service last Friday night suffered its third major outage since its launch on November 30.

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DIRECTV Now’s support team says it’s working on resolving the issues, but has not given a timetable for when they will be fixed.

— Phillip Swann

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  1. Direct TV is the worst in my opinion.. We got flooded out of our home for 2 months, and they still charged us, after we had called an said , were homeless for awhile.. Sad. I hope people go to dish or cable. Cause direct tv are crooks just like Verizon. They don’t care about customers, they only care about the money. Here’s a stock tip. Pull out of direct tv

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