The word ‘test’ in the same sentence as DIRECTV Now might frighten some people. AT&T’s new streaming service has been riddled with so many errors that many subscribers have said it feels more like a beta test than a real launch. But AT&T’s plan to test its 5G network for DIRECTV Now subscribers could lead to a solution to at least some of their problems.

Reuters reports that the telco plans to offer the speedy 5G network (10 to 100 times faster than current 4G networks) to DIRECTV Now subscribers in Austin, Texas sometime in the first half of the year. If the test goes well, AT&T will likely expand the trial to other markets in the second half.

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With a faster network, DIRECTV Now subscribers, or any other user of a streaming service, presumably would have an easier time downloading programming, one of the current pet peeves of DIRECTV Now subscribers who complain minutes sometimes go by before a show will be displayed.

To learn more about the 5G test, click on this Reuters article.

— Phillip Swann