Hulu, which lost the rights to show Criterion Collection films last month, rebounded this week by announcing it had secured the exclusive streaming rights to more than 50 Disney films

The streamer was expected to begin adding the Disney movies in early 2017. However, Hulu has already added 16 from the Disney collection.

They are:

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas;
The Hunchback of Notre Dame;
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey;
Homeward Bound: Lost in San Francisco;
Air Bud;
The Parent Trap (1961);
The Parent Trap (1998);
Sister Act;
Sister Act 2;
Blank Check;
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid;
Eight Below;
Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

The 16 Disney movies can be found at Hulu under the header, ‘The Magic of Disney.’

Additional Disney films to be added to Hulu in 2017 will include Tarzan, The Emperor’s Groove, Pearl Harbor and The Mighty Ducks.

— Phillip Swann
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