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ESPN App Added to DIRECTV Set-Tops

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DIRECTV subscribers in five states can now access the ESPN app on their satellite set-tops, enabling them to watch live events from ESPN 3, SEC Network +, ACC Network Extra, as well as ESPN On-Demand content, on their TVs.

The five states where the ESPN app is now available on DIRECTV receivers are Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina. The sports network said today in a press release that more states will be added soon.

To access the app, a DIRECTV subscriber in the five states will need a Broadband-connected set-top. However, many DIRECTV receivers do not include a WiFi feature. Customers without a WiFi-enabled set-top will need to use a wireless adapter to connect the receiver to the Net.

Still, if the set-top is connected to the Net, it will eliminate the need for a separate streaming device, such as a Roku or smart phone, to access the ESPN app.

“In today’s dynamic media landscape, simplicity is key,” Sean Breen, ESPN’s senior vice president of affiliate sales, said in the press release. “This hybrid experience seamlessly blends what consumers traditionally get from a set-top with the features and content of standalone streaming devices.”

The sports network said the addition of the app to DIRECTV receivers is the first time it will be available on a pay TV set-top.

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