Q. I know you are always looking at new TVs and checking out the prices. Have you come across any sweet deals on big-screen sets lately? — Colin, Nashville, Tenn.

Colin, ask and you will receive. Amazon today is selling the LG 55-inch OLED TV (model EG9100) for just $1,651.

Okay, I know. That’s $1,651 for a 55-inch TV. How can that be a ‘sweet’ deal?

Update:  On June 14, Amazon started selling the LG set for $1,499!

See the LG 55-inch OLED TV — Lowest Price Ever!

Well, you have to appreciate two things.

1. LG introduced the 55-inch OLED TV in 2014 at a whopping price of $14,999. The set was priced so high because at the time it was extremely difficult to manufacture the ultra-thin OLED set. The panels were so thin (just 0.17 inches thick) that LG could only make so many of them so it had to keep prices high and therefore demand low.

Since then, LG has streamlined the OLED production process, which has allowed it to manufacture more sets. Still, there are fewer OLED models on the market, which has kept prices higher than comparable 55-inch TVs.

See the LG 55-inch OLED TV — Lowest Price Ever!

2. The OLED TV arguably offers the best picture on the market. The set combines some of the best features of Plasma and LED sets, displaying deep blacks and high contrast levels. The result is that the OLED TV’s eye-popping picture and sleek style is a real dazzler. I have never met a display expert yet who hasn’t gushed over an OLED TV’s picture, whether it’s a 4K or HD version.

So, Colin, $1,651 is a small price to pay for what may be the best TV we’ve ever seen.

See the LG 55-inch OLED TV — Lowest Price Ever!

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