Can I Restore a Deleted Show On Comcast?


Q. I recorded last week’s episode of The Americans on my Comcast X1 set-top, but I accidentally deleted it before I could watch it. Is there any way to bring the show back on my set-top? I really want to watch it. — Carl, Boston, Massachusetts.

Carl, there are two ways to watch last week’s The Americans, the spy drama which airs on FX. First, you can go to the FX Now app on your mobile device or Smart TV set-top, type in your Comcast user name and password, and watch the show from there.

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However, for future reference, there’s also a way to restore any deleted show on your Comcast X1 set-top. Here’s how, according to Comcast’s web site.

1. Pick up your remote and click the Xfinity button.

2. Then, use the Arrow button on your remote to scroll down to the Saved header.

3. After clicking Saved, use the Arrow button to highlight Recordings and then Recently Deleted.

4. From there, you click on the show you want to restore with the OK button.

5. Finally, select Recover and press OK again to restore the show.

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Comcast says recently deleted shows will stay on the X1 set-top until the storage limit is reached, or if you go into that section and permanently delete a show.

Happy Viewing!

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2 comments on “Can I Restore a Deleted Show On Comcast?”

  1. My recently deleted says 0. My DVR is 17% full so it didn’t run out of space and I definitely didn’t go in there and permanently delete the shows. It used to keep 20+ shows in that folder but I noticed recently it barely saves any. Maybe an update that auto deletes after so many days as well?

  2. I want to retrieve a deleted Bears game. I was watching , fell asleep. Woke up and gone. It probably sat in my deleted file for a few days but I did not realize. Can I get it back some how?

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