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Where’s That Vizio 4K TV With HDR?

Q. I saw that you wrote a story saying you were going to buy a new Vizio 65-inch 4K TV that has HDR, but I can’t find it anywhere. Where can I buy it? — Tom, Baltimore, Maryland.

Tom, you’re right. I wrote last month that I was going to buy the new Vizio P-Series 65-inch 4K TV. The set includes the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature that promises to delivers more vivid and realistic colors. While HDR is available in many 4K models, the Vizio P-Series offers the most attractive price with the 65-inch set going for $1,999.

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Respected display experts from CNET, Verge and Consumer Reports have all published glowing reviews of the Vizio 65-inch set, which is model P65-C1.

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However, I have not purchased the Vizio TV yet because it’s not available anywhere, or so it seems. Amazon isn’t selling it. Best Buy’s web site says it won’t be available in their stores until June 15 at the earliest. Walmart doesn’t have it, either. And so on.

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I asked Mike Wood of Noyd Communications, which does public relations for Vizio, for an update on the P-Series and when it will be available.

“They have had trouble keeping them in stock. They’ve sold out at least twice now,” he said.

Wood promised to let me know when the company plans to ship more Vizio P-Series 4K TVs, which come in sizes ranging from 60 inches to 75 inches. I will update this story here when I get more information.

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2 Comments on Where’s That Vizio 4K TV With HDR?

  1. Ray Milius // June 7, 2016 at 10:30 pm // Reply

    Before you push the “buy 4K now” button you should look at the issue around the connectors on the TV and their ability to pass HDR, and more importantly, higher frame rates. Phil Putman (display expert) has done a detailed presentation on this issue. Check out his website or send him an email. The current crop of HDMI connectors won’t make the grade in the future. You may want to wait.

  2. Tom Barclay // June 8, 2016 at 12:01 pm // Reply

    I ordered mine direct from Vizio. Took 30 days to arrive — but, boy, it was WORTH it! Beautiful picture!

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