Q. I read that Netflix is raising its prices so I’m going to give Hulu a try. So, how do I cancel Netflix? I’m a little confused on their site. — Sheryl, Culver City, California.

Sheryl, first, you’re right. Netflix next month is raising its base price for roughly 17 million subscribers by $2 a month, from $7.99 to $9.99. The home video service had previously raised prices for new customers so this increase will affect customers who had been ‘grandfathered’ at the lower rate.

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The new $9.99 monthly rate will now be for all streaming subscribers who get two streams at the same time for High-Definition programming. If you get one stream at a time, and no high-def, you will still pay $7.99.

I get questions about unsubscribing to Netflix quite often because, in my view, Netflix actually makes it relatively easy to unsubscribe. Company officials have said if they make it convenient to unsubscribe, people are more likely to come back and sign up again. (By the way, I agree with that philosophy and I think it’s helped Netflix maintain its subscriber growth during some difficult times.)

Now to the question at hand: How do you unsubscribe from Netflix?

If you have the streaming plan, you go to Netflix.com and click on the Your Account button. Then, under the Your Streaming Plan button, click on Cancel Streaming Plan.

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If you want to cancel your DVD/Blu-ray plan, click on Your DVD Plan and then select the Cancel Your DVD Plan link. To stop DVD shipments immediately, click the “Stop Shipping DVDs to me as of today box.” Then click the ‘Cancel DVD Plan’ button to cancel your DVD account.

Once you’ve finished these steps, your account will close at the end of your billing period; there are no partial month refunds. And if you have a DVD plan, you must return all discs to Netflix within seven days of closing your account.

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