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How Can You Find New Roku Channels?

Q. I have Roku and I love it. But I get frustrated sometimes because they are always adding channels and I don’t even know. How can I tell when Roku has added new channels so I can check them out?  — Wayne, Fairfax, Virginia.

Wayne, you make a good point. Roku, which makes Net TV devices and HDMI sticks that stream video to your TVs, now says it has more than 2,500 channels. Roku defines a channel as any content source that deliver video streaming. For instance, Netflix is a channel; Hulu is a channel and so on.

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Roku’s lineup is incredibly varied, ranging from subscription-based services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Sling TV to On Demand programs from channels such as HBO, Showtime, FX, Disney Junior, A&E and PBS to the esoteric such as ParanormalReality.TV and Cultorama.TV. Many of the more obscure channels are free, although some are a bit rough around the edges.

But how can you tell when Roku has added a new channel that you might want to check out?

There are a few ways. One, on Roku’s web site, the company has a ‘New’ page where it lists recent additions. The current list includes Ten TV, VH1, the 24 Hour Movie Channel, Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting, and a live stream of the DIY Network.  (Told you Roku’s lineup is varied.) You can also access this list in Roku’s on-screen Menu settings under New Channels.

Another good source for new Roku channels is The site publishes an array of interesting features on Roku and related products, including updates for when the company adds new channels.

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