Q. I have a new TV and I really like it but it has a tendency to turn off all by itself every night right around 8 p.m., right in the middle of when I am watching something. This is annoying! Any guesses? Do I need to bring it back? — Kristen, Baltimore.

Kristen, there are two possible solutions to your problem and, hopefully, your solution is the first one.

If your TV is going off by itself, it’s quite possible that your set’s Sleep Timer has been activated, either by you or by accident somehow. If you’re not familiar with a TV Sleep Timer, you can set it so your set will automatically go off in 30 minutes or perhaps an hour. This is a convenient feature for people who like to have their TVs on to help them go to sleep.

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So go to your TV’s Menu (by hitting the Menu button) and select the Sleep Timer feature. Then, see if the Sleep Timer has been automatically set to go off at certain times of the day. If it has, turn it to Off.

That might do the trick. But if your TV continues to go off for no apparent reason, call your TV’s customer support team to see if they can offer any suggestions. If they can’t, there could be a problem with the set and that would lead you to solution number two: returning it.

But if you have to return it, check to see if the TV is still under warranty before bringing it back to the store or sending it back to the online site where you bought it.

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